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Got any questions

Browse the FAQs to get a feel for what you're in for or understand a little better the adult sex services I offer, and expectations I have when we're setting up our sexy dates but also what behaviours are and aren't ok while we're being intimate. How to talk to an escort? How to book a sex worker? What kinds of things does an escort do? All your questions answered, and if they're not answered here send me a message I'd be happy to help.

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  • Messaging Victoria
    Victoria receives several text messages a day, so she will prioritise messages that are respectful and include detailed information of your request. These messages make the transition from enquiry to in between the sheets far smoother. Time is precious for everyone. Messages such as “hey” “are you available now” etc. will be considered but not prioritised, and if your message is too brief Victoria will likely reply requesting extra information. Please do not send photo's of your penis, it will not positively influence decision making to accept the booking, and Victoria sometimes has an assistant managing her booking requests. If you request unprotected services, Victoria will decline and then block your number. When sending through enquires, please ensure you remain clear, respectful and genuine with your requests. Noting the following. (feel free to copy and paste the below and include it in your sms. Name - Location of outcall - Time of booking - Duration of booking - Any other information - Confirmation you are willing to pay a deposit - Victoria sometimes activates an auto reply messaging system when she is in a booking which will give you an update of her next availibility and location. Please make sure you read the auto reply so that no time is wasted when she can respond personally. Check out example below for perfect message enquiry.
  • Calling Victoria
    Victoria prefers SMS enquires, however she understands there are instances where a phone call is more appropriate. If you would prefer a phone call, she would appreciate an initial SMS asking if its convenient to take a call. Please note, Victoria occasionally has an assistant for those times she is in a booking so you may not get her on the phone. Victoria is also aware that there are scammers out there and some customers prefer to speak on the phone to make sure their well earned money is going in the right direction. Please note - If you are rude on the phone, or are just being a time waster your phone number will be blocked. If you ask for detailed information about something that is written on her website, she will direct you back there. Victoria is well aware that due to her accent she receives a high influx of phone calls from people just wanting to hear her voice. So she likes to keep the phone calls friendly, but short and sweet, so please make sure you have your questions ready and they are relevant to making a booking. Victoria doesn't answer calls from private number.
  • Can I pay Victoria after the service?
    No. Victoria requires full payment of service before things get started. If you are nearing the end of your pre arranged time with her and you wish to extend your time, payment will be required for any extensions straight away.
  • Can I offer Victoria more money to cancel another booking she has so I can spend time with her instead?
    Absolutely not. Victoria values all of her clients equally and it is unprofessional.
  • Does Victoria work with other escorts?
    Yes she does, however only with escorts that she has a trusted rapport with. Vibe is everything to her and turning up to a booking with you and discovering there is another escort present without prior discussion will mean Victoria leaves the booking and the deposit will be kept. Yes this sounds like Victoria is being a diva...... but there is alot of money being spent during a service with an escort and Victoria always wants the experience to be incredible. If you have a hunch that Victoria will work well with an escort you have previously seen, simply ask her and she will try and make contact with the escort in question to say hi and see if they may be able to work together. Here is a list of escorts Victoria has worked with in the past and has experiened a flavour similar to hers, It's not to say other escorts she has worked with haven't been great of course, but these one's continue to get her juices flowing. Please note - While Victoria recomends these workers, of course every individual and experience is unique. If you do connect with one of them, please make sure you use your own judgement and instincts.
  • What can't I ask for?
    BBBJ (bare back blow jobs), CIM (cum in mouth), or natural services. If you attempt to do any of these things, Victoria will stop the service and the police may be called. If Victoria feels unsafe at any point during the booking due to persistence of these things or any other reason, she will leave the booking and you will forfeit the cost of the service. So please, do the right thing and make sure she feels safe and you will both have an amazing time. Pictures showing her face - If you ask, she will say no, always. So please don't persist. Car Meets - This is unsafe and not Victoria's style at all. Bookings without deposits - Victoria doesn't accept any bookings without deposits. There are several options available in order to pay a deposit. If you send messages insisting on cash only on arrival, Victoria will end up ignoring your messages or blocking you. If you are concerned about scams, Victoria welcomes a phone call to ease your anxieties. Free time - Victoria is a professional, and while she doesn't "clock watch" it is likely she will be working with another customer after your time together is over. Victoria also has a very busy personal life and balance is very important to her. No one wants to work with a burnt out escort! Please try and book for the full time you wish to spend with her. Pick up / Drop off services - Victoria is not a taxi service. Please plan your travel time independently.
  • Can I buy Victoria a gift?
    Yes you can, Victoria always appreciates generosity and gratitude, It is a question that gets asked all the time, so Victoria has created a gift guide on her website for inspiration of things to bring to a date with her, or you can buy her a gift online from Wishtender (linked here >) Please note however, there is never any expectation of a gift!
  • Can I get Victoria's in call location before I pay a deposit?
    Victoria shares her in call location 30 minutes before the booking time, unless she is in a major capital city where she shares it 60 minutes before the booking time. This is due to her privacy & safety, plus ensuring customers don't collide with each other. Victoria receives several requests a day requesting to know what her address is, and is given several different reasons (both legitimate and suspicious) as to why they require the address first. However there has never been a reason given to her that is more important than her reasons for not sharing the address. If this is an issue for you, Victoria suggests you book an outcall instead, either to your home or hotel.
  • Why does Victoria have an auto reply messaging system
    Victoria has an auto reply system in place for times when she is unavailable to respond to an enquiry straight away. The auto reply will provide potential customers some useful information in order for them to make a booking with her. On occasions Victoria has a booking assistant and the auto reply message will have that phone number so you can make your booking as quickly as possible.
  • What are Victoria's "Extra's" and how much will they cost me?
    Victoria offer the following extras which incur additional charges. Some of the following services have additional conditions due to safety and preperation required. You might also like to consider her Kinky Taster package. More information can be found here > Play With Victoria | Victoria English Rose | Premium Escort Services | NSW
  • Does Victoria provide Porn Star Experience?
    As of April 1 2024, Victoria will offer Porn Star Experience (PSE) to existing customers only. If you've been approved for this style of service, it's because you've worked with Victoria in a way that makes her feel safe enough to intensify your experience together. Porn Star Experience (PSE) will incur an extra fee of $300 per hour on top of her standard fees and will be a minimum 2 hour booking duration either in call or outcall. Victoria's PSE service includes her GFE with a twist + the following: (All or some) Dirty Talk & Role Play Cum on body Golden Shower (on you) Greek & Anal Play, Rimming, Fingers Pegging Spitting Deep Throat Spanking LOTS of toys for both of you Choking & Hair Pulling Alternate location. Filming on Victoria's device to be shared with customer. This service can't be booked directly through her website. If you're an existing customer, you can book your desired time/location/duration. then notify Victoria in the notes that you would like a PSE service. The extra fee will need to be paid in cash on the day. Victoria doesn't accept short notice (within 24 hours) PSE bookings.
  • What doesn't Victoria like when it comes to sex?
    This is a question Victoria get's asked alot! It's a very difficult question to answer because it's all depending on the circumstances. This is why it's so important to ask her if you are unsure. There may also be times where Victoria may temporarily stop providing a particular service (she will always notify you of this before the service starts) Victoria doesn't like her hair being pulled, hands put around her neck, or any marks put on her body without prior discussion and consent given.
  • Why has Victoria's contact with me gone quiet?
    There are a few different reasons why Victoria has gone quiet in her communication with you. Most of the reasons have been listed below. If you believe that Victoria has not responded to your messages and the reason is not listed below, please feel free to reach out to her via email at if you're waiting for a reply that is relevent to your booking request. - In bookings and unable to reply personally. Victoria has a booking assistant on occasions to assist with this. - Having a day off. Victoria has a booking assistant on occasions to assist with this. - Your messages have changed from "enquiry" to "sexting" without Victoria's consent. Victoria will often polietly redirect you to make a virtual booking request for sexting services. This also applies to customers who have made a booking and paid a deposit. If this is the case, you can expect Victoria or her assistant to reply to messages in order to confirm the service style, time, duration and location. The contact will then go quiet until closer to the appointment date/time where Victoria will reengage with you to get excited and reconfirm things. - You've been given an opportunity to make a booking and pay a deposit, however you are not following the booking process. - You're being rude or are continuing to request something Victoria doesn't offer. Please note, Victoria tries to have her auto reply on when she is unable to respond straight away or she has her booking assistant working through her enquiries.
  • Does Victoria allow outfit requests?
    Victoria doesn't allow outfit requests. She is happy to hear what your desires are however she never commits to an outfit request as she like to attend her dates feeling comfortable in clothes she would organically wear based on the vibe she is feeling.
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