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what other people say about

Gossip is fun... when it's people saying nice things. Read through some of the things my clients say about me and my adult sex work services.

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My Reviews


J - Victoria is amazingly skilled at making me feel so comfortable to express myself. The connection she creates in a short amount of time has taken me months, if not years to create in my personal life. - I can’t get enough.


M - Never ever did I think I would work with a sex worker and feel comfortable enough to turn up wearing assless chaps and a cowboy hat. The fun that we have is addictive.


D - I can be myself fully when I work with Victoria, we’ve explored things I never even knew I enjoyed and there is so much more to discover. I don’t have to be this “macho” tough guy. It’s like therapy.


S - after a recent separation, I decided to visit my first sex worker and landed with Victoria. I was so surprised to see how genuine she was. I was nervous as anything but the way she works had me feeling so relaxed and engaged. Needless to say i’ve seen her several times since, even going back again the same night. She’s not afraid to delve into big topics and can hold it really well.


J - Victoria has a super Vagina, it’s amazingly addictive. Honestly, if I could wake up every day to that on my face I’d be the happiest man alive.


M - That accent gets me every time.


S - I really appreciated the way Victoria connected with me, it helped me relax and is something I am going to remember for a very long time.


M - I’ve never been so drenched during sex! Squirts like a beast. I can still feel the sensation on my skin!


L - The sex is sensational…. And its not just because of the physical. `Victoria’s mind and the way she connects with me brings me out of my shell.


J - I still haven’t worked out how she knows, but she just does! Knows when and how to slow it down or dial it up! A touch, kiss, pause, just at the right time. Addictive. A fucking gift!


L - Victoria is More….. Extra…… I can’t really grasp the right words.

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