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Experiences & Packages

Jump in! Get playful....... you won't regret it.

One size does not fit all when it comes to intimacy and sex, Here you will get to delve deeper into my service offerings. 


You'll find a variety of options, including extras and premium packages. Whatever you're yearning for at the time, I'm confident you'll find something that feels just right!

I can also tailor something more specific to your individual needs.

(I love getting creative!)


I also have experience working with people who have diverse needs and I welcome contact from people, or carers of people who require addititional assistance, be it physical, sensory, or developmentally. Read on and explore, and as always please contact me if you have any questions.

Caramel Brown Silk
Playful Pitstop

Organic experiences are key to how I like to play.

Premium Packages
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Creating new memories one encounter at a time

Social Snuggles
Victoria English Rose ready for a play date standing in doorway.heic

I will give you my undivided attention

Caramel Brown Silk
Extras and Upgrades
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Are you ready to go on a sexy adventure?

Intimacy for diverse needs & disability
Victoria english rose kneeling with legs spread wearing a white shirt gazing out of window

Diversity is sexy & Inclusivity is important to me

Couples & Doubles
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Three is never a crowd!
Let's make it a playful party

Playtime with Victoria...

My regular service can be described as Girlfriend Experience with a TWIST, and includes kissing, mutual oral, mutual massage, intercourse, light anal play, some playful spontaneous dirty talk and roleplay if the vibe is right, and the ever so popular SQUIRTING! My favourtie bookings are ones that are as "organic" as possible. That means, if and when the mood strikes, we change things up (WITH CONSENT). But a conversation MUST happen before we jump into any new experience to ensure we both feel as safe and comfortable as possible. There may be times where in the heat of the moment a playful twist may become an opportunity worth exploring. The best way to achieve this is to be as open as possible with your desires so I can provide you with a memorable experience. Communicating your fantasies can sometimes feel uneasy, especially when we've been so conditioned to feel shame around our sexuality, but having an open conversation from the get go is far less awkward than pausing play when the energy is right to stop if a boundary has been crossed or reminding a customer they haven't paid for something is unsexy as hell and completely avoidable.  I'll always talk to you about any boundaries that need to be established at the beginning of our time together. Once this is set up, I love nothing more than to flow freely and comfortably with my customers in a fun explorative way. There are some instances where a service needs to be adjusted if there is something unique/different that wants to be explored. (e.g Kink/Fetish) Which is classed as an "extra" service at an additional price. Hopefully this is agreed upon and paid for in advance, but sometimes people discuss or identify a desire when trust is built during play. But please ensure you speak to me before jumping into something that hasn't been discussed in advance.

With more unique requests, I'm likely to accomodate but you must talk to me about it first. Just ask the question, and i'll playfully let you know if i'll offer it. If you have a specific desire that you think is more specialised, let me know and i'll tell you if there are extra fees. For more information please visit the FAQ section > 

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Playful Pitstop

My Playful Pitstop can be described as Girlfriend Experience with a twist. What's the twist? Well that's those moments where we look at each other in a fit of passion and mutually agree to level up the naughtiness, this will always be at my discretion and will entirely depend on the vibe, trust and mood of the booking. I will adore you with all the stroking, licking, sucking, rubbing you can handle, and i'll eagerly encourage you to do the same to me while I weave my body all over yours and will want you to feel adored. French kissing, mutual oral, 69, erotic massage, intercourse…..and if the mood strikes you might find me increasing the intensity. In these moments, i'll always ask permission and I expect the same from you. 

So now all you have to do is ask yourself how much time you will want to spend in my playful pitstop and leave the rest up to me. I'll bring my mind, body and eagerness to the adventure and have you skipping back to reality with a fine tuned spring in your step

If you have a desire for something more juicy, I have a delicious list of extras that can be found in the FAQ section of my website. You are welcome to reach out to me at anytime to discuss your sexual desires more.

Porn Star Experience is only available to pre approved customers.

Rates & Booking Terms

Below prices are for pre bookings only (with deposits paid more than 24 hours before the requested service time for my Playful Pitstop service. Requests that differ from my Playful Pitstop are considered as an "extra" and will attract additional fee's.

15 minutes - $370

30 minutes - $470

45 minutes - $570

Above booking durations are for Incall services and only available on specific days/times per week (75% Deposit required. Subject to availability).

Below prices are for incalls and outcalls

$670 / hr (1 - 3 hrs)

$570 / hr (4 - 10 hrs)

24 hrs - Starting from $6700. Including 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

48 hrs - Starting from $11700. Including 2 x 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

Fly Me To You Services & couples bookings (FMF and MMF) are also available. Please email or call  me to obtain a quote.

Deposit required for above are dependent on duration and nature of service (20%-50%)

T&C's apply. Please review the FAQ's for more information.

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Caramel Brown Silk_edited_edited.jpg

Premium Packages

Welcome to my pleasure playground 

I know you're feeling stuck with the pressures of daily life. Stress, frustration and low motivation are the norm, stealing the joy from the things you once loved. You long for that elusive spark of aliveness, but it feels out of reach without someone to share it with. 

Have you found yourself  wondering, 'Where has my zest for life gone?' Life as you know it has changed and you long to shake shit up.... But where do you even begin?  I know you’re craving more than just physical intimacy but the idea of navigating the possibilities of a relationship leaves you with feelings of dread and uncertainty.


Well, darling. It's time to embark on a playful adventure with someone by your side. 


Aliveness is my forté!


And I want to show you how to feel passionate about life again… ...


Did you know that loneliness and dissatisfaction can play a huge part in the development of depression? The research I've stumbled on over the years has shown that humans are severely lacking in physical touch, playfulness and joy. The ripple effect on our lives is, in my opinion, nothing short of tragic. In  some of the more connected moments with my customers, I hear these stories of unfulfilled needs time and time again.  This is why I’m so committed to revoutionise the way people experience life, to bring back the joy and happiness we felt when we were younger,  before it got zapped out of us! 

My playful pitstop is just the beginning. I’ve tailored some incredible premium pagackes to address this growing unmet need head on. 

Ready to ignite your passion again? Dive into these  packages I’ve created just for you!


If something sparks excitement, please reach out.

The Honeymoon Moment 

Have you found your “no strings soulmate"?

You’re approaching an upcoming time of the year, milestone or event that you would rather forget. Birthdays, holidays or anniversaries of life-changing moments can be tough, but this time, you’re ready to break the cycle of isolation and reignite the playful spark back into your life. You crave a deeper connection without the games and uncertainties and you want to emerge from this experience feeling stronger, more confident and grounded than you ever have before. 

You’re ready to shake things up and have a memorable ‘moment in time’ of FUN and adventure. 


Get ready for a natural high that will leave you feeling fantastic for days!  


Are you ready to join me  on a deliciously prolonged, sexy adventure of a lifetime?


My Honeymoon Moment package could be just the ticket! We’ll engage in daily contact through video calls, phone calls, sms and of course some delicious time together in between the sheets. By our first in-person encounter,  you’ll feel like we’re old friends, ready to explore each other  in an open, explorative yummy sexual encounter. 


I get so excited when I really get to connect with my customers on a deeper level, witnessing them  exhale, relax and truly lean into our time together. YUMMMMM! I love spending time with someone on a longer term basis, playfully connecting, imagining the possibilities, and finding creative ways to make them happen! It’s like the honeymoon period of a new relationship but without the self doubt or the voices of the past trying to convince you that you don’t deserve happiness. This is something to look forward to during a time you would rather forget.


Choose the perfect duration of this package, from 7 days up to 3 months, and enjoy my  eager attention and receive the following…


This is what your typical 7 day experience will look like;


  • 2 x 4 hour in person experiences, an incall at my accomodation or an out call within 30 minutes of my touring location. Choose between a deliciously intimate experience or one that includes a social component (e:g dining, entertainment).

  • 15 minute daily video calls where we’ll go with the flow. I’ll be prepared for the sexy or the serious, whatever you need at the time. An offload of your daily stress, a sexy overshare of something that gets you excited. A fun fact finding mission!

  • 1 x 30 minute deep connection video call. Naked or not, test the waters with an unspoken desire, ask me what excites me, or indulge in an urgent, sexy virtual experience. We can also playfully indulge in yummy, in-the-moment chit-chat. Morning messages and voice notes from me. 

  • Daily spontaneous flirty messages, videos, texts or photos. I love getting creative! The more I know about what makes you tick, the more I have to play with.

  • Access to your own personal page on my website, featuring a minimum of 3 x personalised pre-recorded videos and personal content captured (with consent) from our face-to-face time together. Reminisce on the juicy bits and let the experience linger for as long as possible.


Here’s what people have to say about their recent experiences with me.

“Victoria’s magic helped me through the toughest time when my compnay made my job redundant after 10 years. I couldn’t have gotten through it without her.

“As a nervous first-timer after a recent separation, I was suprised by Victoria’s genuineness. She made me feel so relaxed and engaged. Needless to say, I’ve seen her several times since, even going back the same night. She fearlessly delves into the big topics and handles them with grace.”


If the Honeymoon Moment Package feels like the perfect fit for you,



1 Week   ($6,900)

2 Weeks ($13,700)

3 Weeks ($19,900)

4 Weeks ($26,700)

2 Months ($52,900)

3 Months ($77,700)


You may also wish to include a 12, 24 or 48 hour experience to your Honeymoon Experience to create the ultimate icing on the cake experience. Let me know if this feels like a good fit for you and I will provide you with a personalised quote.


Due to the  intimate, personal and detailed nature of my premium packages, availability is very limited. I need to be certain we are the right fit for each other and that I’m sharing my energy with the right people. If you ready to jump in, I offer a 15 minute “Discovery Video call” so we can get excited together. You will need to pre book this phone call in advance via email at There is  a $100 fee for this call to deter time wasters. If you chose to go ahead with one of my packages, the $100 will be deducted from the service fees. 

Payment plans are also available for premium dates planned in advance.

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Social Snuggles

I understand intimacy means different things to different people. Some people just need a companion to share social activities with, anything from going to the cinema, a picnic or a date at a gala. A moment of affectionate non sexual touch, intentional hugging while snuggling in on a movie. We all need physical touch, and it doesn’t always have to be sexual. Sharing a nurturing, joyful experience with a beautiful lady is enough to keep you feeling like you’ve got enough wind in your sales to keep you going. Great conversation, playful flirtatious no strings attached fun. This service can be stand alone, or added to any of the full service options. Includes public affection, cuddling, hand holding and kissing if wanted. However this is not a sexual service.


$270 per hour and a minimum of 2 hours if not added to a full service booking regardless of social activity + activity and travel expenses.

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Caramel Brown Silk_edited_edited.jpg

The Thirsty Girlfriend Experience

Build the tension to intensify the connection

I know sex is more than just a bish bash bosh - wham bam thank you ma’am experience for you. It feels boring and soulless without the playful tension building. Sharing fantasies, begging for someone's attention and receiving it in return gets you so juiced up you can’t think straight for days after! Let alone the things your mind can get distracted with in the days leading up to a sexy adventure.


You’ve had enough of online dating. Trying to present the “perfect image” when you’re just trying to get enough of someone’s attention to land a date with them!


You’re not alone! So many people are looking for “more than just a root” They don’t want to walk in a room and get stuck right into things! People are ditching the dating scene due to the mental burden, and they’re engaging with professional sex worker for an uncomplicated fulfilling experience, that leaves no baggage once the experience is over. Because of this, I’ve created the perfect upgrade to add to a booking with me. Where you'll have the delicious in person experience, but you'll also have contact with me in the days leading up to and after the booking to get excited together and explore each others minds and desires!

Days before, we’ll get to explore each other’s thirsty sides! Just like a first date. We’ll  tease each other with playful, steamy messages. I’ll send flirtatious questions, and have a video call so I can sink into your vibe more. By the time we land together, the connection will be intensified so much that we feel like we already know each other.


Then in the days after, i’ll continue the tease. I’ll send you sexy reminders of our adventure. You'll receive a link to your own private page on my website where I'll share some content especially for you, and with consent, if I capture any videos/pictures of our time together you can see it all there. The best part of all? After our date is over, you’ll be able to get back to regular life with your confidence in tact with a big smile on your face.


Hot right? If this sounds like an incredible way to get your juices flowing, consider adding my Thirsty Girlfriend Experience to your booking with me!

Investment - $670

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Kinky Taster

Let's tick some things off that bucket list

Your thoughts are drifting towards a more intense experience, yet the itch remains unscratched. Your desires might be difficult to articulate, or you might fear judgment if you express them.


Enter my Kinky Taster session—a perfect solution. 


Add this upgrade to your existing service so we can explore the depths of your sexuality together. I'll welcome your ideas eagerly and without judgment. Depending on your chosen booking duration and budget, you can explore one or many facets of your desires. I'll be there every step of the way, genuinely thrilled by the adventure we're embarking on together.


My kinky taster is priced based per experience, not per hour. Minimum booking duration is 2 hours, however I may require you to commit to a longer booking depending on the nature of your request. No short notice bookings for my kinky taster sessions.



1 experience - $400

2 experiences - $800

3 experiences - $1200 

4 experiences - $1500

It's impossible to list what experiences are defined as "Kink" however some may be considered more "intense". If you believe your request might fit into this catagory I will have to provide you with a specific quote.

Get in touch! Let's make it happen!

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Intimacy for diverse needs & disability

I'm very familiar in working with people who live with disability and diverse needs. It's not uncommon for me to have to modify the way I work with people to navigate their mobility, sensory and other support needs. It's so important to me to be compassionate and patient. I don't shy away from being instructed on how to use equipment, alternative communication aids, or support plans and I always strive to keep you at the centre of the conversation so your desires and choices are heard loud and clear. I'm also incredibly passionate about peoples dignity and privacy being upheld, as well as ensuring conversations about consent have been thoroughly discussed and understood and I welcome confidential conversations with you, as well as any significant others/support people where appropriate to assist in navigating your needs. If available and appropriate, I'll always encourage you to liaise with your formal and informal supports firstly to ensure they have as much information on what support is available to you when you have identified a goal of working with a sex worker.

I'm a proud member of Touching Base, an organisation designed to assist people with disability and sex workers to connect with each other, focusing on access, discrimination, human rights and legal issues and the attitudinal barriers that these two marginalised communities can face.You can find useful resources regarding accessing a service from a sex worker through Touching Base's website here> 

Rates & Options
Price: Prices for services remain the same. However I understands that sometimes more time is needed due to some of the additional tasks that are required to fullfil your needs, In light of this, for outcall services I charges outcall prices for the first hour and then in call prices for all additional hours. 

Please enquire if you have any questions about the service, if there is an alternative way you need to communicate this to fully understand please let me know here > 

Victoria english rose, sexy blonde MILF escort,  kneeling with legs spread wearing a white shirt gazing out of window
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