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Premium Packages & Upgrades

There's something unique about you and that includes your desires

Caramel Brown Silk
The Thirsty Girlfriend Virtual Add-on
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Are you ready to go on a sexy adventure?

The Honeymoon Moment
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You're ready for a prolonged connection 

Dinner Date &
Playful Pitstop
Victoria english rose kneeling with legs spread wearing a white shirt gazing out of window

A combined social and intimate experience

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The Honeymoon Moment 

Have you found your “no strings soulmate"?

I know you're feeling stuck with the pressures of daily life. Stress, frustration and low motivation have become the norm. You long for that elusive spark of aliveness, but it feels out of reach without someone to share it with. 

Well, darling. It's time to shake shit up and embark on a playful & prolonged adventure with someone by your side. 


Aliveness is my forté & I want to show you how to feel passion again.


My Honeymoon Moment package could be just the ticket!


During this prolonged 7 day experience, We’ll engage in daily contact of your preferred choice and 2 extended in person time together in between the sheets. I'll be your perfect no strings soulmate, eager to explore with you.


I get so excited when I really get to connect with my customers for an extended duration. 

Witnessing them exhale, relax and truly lean into our time together. YUMMMMM! 


Playfully connecting, imagining the possibilities, and finding creative ways to make them happen! It’s like the honeymoon period of a new relationship but without the self doubt or the voices of the past trying to convince you that you don’t deserve happiness. 


This premium packages takes place over a 7 day period. However can be extended depending on your circumstances and cravings.



7 days -  $6900


Due to the intimate, personal and detailed nature of my premium packages, availability is very limited. I need to be certain we are the right fit for each other & that I’m sharing my energy with the right people. If you want to explore this further with me, I offer a 15 minute “Discovery call” so we can get excited together. You will need to pre book this in advance via email at There's a $100 fee for this call to deter time wasters. If I believe we will be a great fit for each other, and you chose to book this package with me, the $100 will be deducted from the service fees. 

For more details on the total inclusions of this experience please get in touch.

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Caramel Brown Silk_edited_edited.jpg

The Thirsty Girlfriend Virtual Add-on

Build the tension to intensify the connection

I know sex is more than just a bish bash bosh - wham bam thank you ma’am experience for you. It feels boring and soulless without the playful tension building.


Sharing fantasies, begging for someone's attention and receiving it in return gets you so juiced up you can’t think straight for days after! Let alone the things your mind can get distracted with in the days leading up to a sexy adventure.

Hot right? If this sounds like an incredible way to get your juices flowing, or holding on to those memories for as long as possible! Consider adding my Thirsty Girlfriend Experience to your existing booking with me! This service will be delivered virtually via video, phone, sms, or email depending on your preferences.

Don't despair! If you are unable to book me in person and wish to spend time together virtually only, then this package is still for you. Please just add $100 to the prices listed below.



15 minutes - $150

30 minutes - $250

45 minutes - $350

60 minutes - $450

This package will need to be pre booked and paid in full before we commence the virtual shenanigans.

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Caramel Brown Silk_edited_edited.jpg

Dinner Date & Playful Pitstop

Four hours of connected yumminess

Wine and Dine me at a favourite restaurant, then let's sneak behind closed doors and devour each other for desert.

2 hours social & 2 hours Intimate




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