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Let's meet.

Creating playful intimate moments of adventurous pleasure.

I’m a proud Independent Escort. I'm so in love with my job that I can't wait to put my "uniform" on. 


I can’t begin to think of anything else I would feel satisfied spending the rest of my years calling a career and I feel grateful to find a career that I love so deeply.


I’m sure when you meet me, you will clearly see this for yourself.

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An Energised English Escort who is playful & sophisticated.
Sexually creative and all round connection seeker.

I'm bisexual and very kink friendly, with an open and curious mind. I get excited when I share an experience with someone they've never tried before & their perspective of their sexual identity shifts and opens up. 

I’ve been there, that feeling of learning something new about my sexuality & the new found possibilities is so thrilling. Not to mention the positive ripple effect these changes had on my life!

Bringing this life changing experience to others is what continously drives me to always create memorable moments.

I love nothing more than going on a journey with my customers. Diving into all the edges we have time for & I always want my customers to come away feeling confident & energised. I'm continously exploring and experimenting new ways to elevate an experience.

I prioritise seeking a connection with whoever I meet, creating a comfortable, organic space that sweet magic can happen no matter how long we spend together & I'm passionate about making intimacy accessible for consenting adults from all walks of life.

During a date with me, It's not uncommon for a session to start with one thing in mind and only coming up for air the morning after, with my customers learning something new about their desires.

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