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Caramel Brown Silk
Playful Pitstop

Organic experiences are key to how I like to play.

Kinky Pitstop
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Let's dive into your kinkier side together

Social Pitstop
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I will give you my undivided attention

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Welcome to my Playful Pitstop

Jump in. Get playful.. Let's explore.

My Playful Pitstop can be described as Girlfriend Experience with a twist. What's the twist? Well that's those moments where we look at each other in a fit of passion and mutually (and with consent) agree to level up the naughtiness, this will always be at my discretion and will entirely depend on the vibe, trust and mood of the booking. I will adore you with all the stroking, licking, sucking, rubbing you can handle, and i'll eagerly encourage you to do the same to me while I weave my body all over yours and will want you to feel adored. French kissing, mutual oral, 69, erotic massage, intercourse…..and if the mood strikes you might find me us increasing the intensity!

So now all you have to do is ask yourself how much time you will want to spend in my playful pitstop and leave the rest up to me. I'll bring my mind, body and eagerness to the adventure and have you skipping back to reality with a fine tuned spring in your step.

Let's dive straight into the magic

You want me all to yourself right now! Let's jump in and start our pleasure journey and explore each other.


$670 per hour - up to 3 hours

$570 per hour - 4 to 10 hours

An extended playful pitstop (Includes stunning accomodation in a beautiful setting, plus meals)

24 hrs - Starting from $7700. Including adequate sleep

48 hrs - Starting from $12700. Including adequate sleep

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Kinky Pitstop

Let's tick some things off that bucket list

Your thoughts are drifting towards a more intense experience, yet the itch remains unscratched. Exploring your kinkier side without judgement is my happy place!

Lets dive deeper together.



2 hours - $1970 (Including up to 3 kink experiences)

3 hours - $2790 (Including up to 4 kink experiences)

4 hours - $3790 (Including up to 5 kink experiences)

An extended Kinky Pitstop. (Includes a video call to design your experience. stunning accomodation in a beautiful setting, plus meals & drinks)

24 hrs - Starting from $10,900. Including adequate sleep

48 hrs - Starting from $19,700. Including adequate sleep

It's impossible to list what experiences are defined as "Kink" however some may be considered more "intense". If you believe your request might fit into this category, please get in touch and I will let you know if there are any additional fees

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Social Pitstop

Let's socialise and have fun

A beautiful companion to share social activities with. Stimulating conversation, public flirting, hand holding, cuddles and kisses. 


2 hours - $540 

3 hours - $790 

4 hours - $990 

+ activity and travel expenses

This is a social experience only and while flirtatious there will be no sexual services other than the above mentioned.

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