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So it’s your first time seeing a sex worker?

Updated: Feb 27

So I’m sat here, in a hotel with 45 minutes up my sleeve waiting for a delightful young man who has informed me it is his first time seeing a sex worker. This is my second customer in two days who has said I have been the first professional they have seen. Yesterday I saw a beautiful guy who had never been with a sex worker before, and while their reasons for visiting one are at very different ends of the spectrum of reasons (my lips are sealed of course) It’s been so wonderful to be that person for them. I’m sat here waiting all inspired and juiced up, so I thought I would write about it.

Now as usual, what your about to read, is purely my own personal reflections on this topic.
Victoria english rose sitting on bed suggestively pulling down black lingerie wearing black dress

Every sex worker will run their business a different way. There might be common themes, but I’m not intending on using my blog to inform people on how to work with other sex workers, but if for any reason you decide I’m the pick of the bunch at the time (and the bunch is of course an abundance of delicious humans). This is my thoughts on the topic and how things may unfold between us. And I might also add that this is my position right now! In 2023. Ask me again in another years time and I might of weaved some other practice in to support both of us through the amazing journey were about to embark on.

I wanted to write this blog for the first timers, the ones that have maybe scrolled through the advertising platforms for months and finally built the courage to make contact, or the ones who have gone through a big life transition and spontaneously thought “I’m going to book a sex worker” to aid in their healing for whatever reason.

I wanted to shine a light on what you can expect from me.

from initial contact, the lead up to the booking, the initial first few minutes together, how I tie it all up in a little bow at the end and then the follow up if its appropriate to do so.

I wanted to use this blog to also explain a few ways that you can interact with me to be in with a chance of having the booking accepted. As I said before, every sex worker does things differently. And rightly so, it’s their body and they will develop their business to suit their circumstances. So these words are between you and me only.

You’ve finally picked up the phone after contemplating booking a sex worker.

This could be after years of hesitation or a matter of hours. You’ve found my listing and for some reason you’ve connected with me. Maybe it’s the white joggers, the self confessed squirter, the fact I’m English, or just because my pictures made your junk jiggle. Either way your about to make contact. You can either call me or send me an sms.

Your likely to get a better response from me if you send an sms because if you call and I’m in a booking I can’t answer. Whereas if I receive an sms, I can reply in a thoughtful way when I get a chance.

You might receive an auto reply from me. I like to turn these on when I’m with a customer for two reasons, firstly I don’t want my phone going off while I’m being present with someone else, secondly, the auto reply will usually give you an up to date reflection of my whereabouts, if I’m touring or when my next availability is. Have you ever sent a message to someone and your next decision relies on their response? It’s annoying! So setting up the auto reply allows for me to give a little snippet of information so you can either move on to the next delicious sex worker while the confidence is there if my availability schedule doesn’t suit your needs. Or you know that “oh she’s not ghosting me, she’s in a booking”. And patiently wait for my reply. I have a section on my website with other escorts I adore and their vibe aligns with mine!

When you send that first message, the best chance you have of receiving a reply is by following the example I have on my website, listed in my FAQ's. I have given an example because first impression matter, especially in the sex industry! Unfortunately I spend a wasteful amount of time filtering through messages that are not intended to actually eventuate into a booking.

I try and reply to every message or phone call I receive, however I will always prioritise the messages that are detailed and respectful.

If you send me a message saying things like “Hey, you available” or “What’s doing”. I will reply after I’ve gone through my messages and found the ones that give me as much information as possible so the back and forth messaging is at a minimum.

Included in your message, it is always great to know that it is your first time. Yes I know that its confronting to message a stranger on the internet and divulge that information. But it really helps me to understand where your coming from.

Please be prepared to be asked some questions about your desires. Again, confronting I know. But I want to give you an amazing experience and knowing this information will help us both. I’ve heard it all before so nothing you say will shock me! And time invested at this point will allow for a more organic experience, and if you’ve read my website you will realise I’m all about that!

The messages will be freely flowing, but there will be a point where I raise that to continue messaging I will need to confirm a date and time and a deposit will need to be paid. If this doesn’t happen within the first 24 hours, you will see my messages slowly start to taper off.

I will let you know this is what I’m doing. But this is something I need to do in order to remain sustainable in my business. I receive between 15-50 messages a day and I have a personal life so I need to be as efficient as possible. No one wants a burnt out sex worker right?

Always keep in mind, even though I am providing an intimate, personal service. It is still a business, it’s always a great idea to think to yourself, would I communicate like this with my dentist or mechanic? Unlikely! You would call up or send a booking enquiry through, discuss your needs and confirm the appointment. Because it is a more intimate service, I do enjoy a bit of back and forth in the initial stages of the enquiry and on the day leading up to the booking, as it helps me sink into your vibes a little, but there has to be good boundaries around communication otherwise I would spend more time on the phone than I would doing my actual job. And you know……. Bills!!!!

So… deposits! A big bone of contention! I’ll write another blog about that soon as I have a lot to say on the matter. But I do not accept bookings without them. In a nut shell, it’s a safety measure I put in place. Otherwise I would be giving out my address to several people per day, and unfortunately it’s an industry where we have to take that extra step to keep ourselves as safe as possible. And that includes financial safety. So once you have informed me of the date and time you wish to book, I’ll send you information on how to pay, and it is important you pay straight away as I am often working through other booking enquiries and I can’t hold the requested time until the deposit is paid. I do give a little bit of grace to those who have to do a cash deposit into a bank account but I will always let you know if I can give any flexibility.

Once the depsosit is paid, it’s time to get excited.

You might of booked for a future date, or for “now”. If it’s now. Get a wriggle on! I’ll be waiting for you eagerly, you might get a cheeky selfie (no face pics though) or I’ll be heading your way, usually with a driver. The driver will come into the location with me, and collect the money and check the space. It's important that only you are on the property, or you have disclosed to me who is going to be present so I can make a decision on accepting the booking. If I arrive and things are not as discussed, I may cancel the booking and leave for my own safety and you will forefit the deposit you have paid.

If you have booked for a future date, there might be a couple more message exchanges, then it will go quiet between us until closer to the date. Once it's getting close to our booking date, I will message you to reconfirm things and see if you have any questions. It’s important for you to let me know if there is a preferred time or way to communicate with you. I don’t know your personal circumstances (and you don’t need to tell me) but I do need to know if you would prefer me not to message you at certain times.

You will have the option of an in call or an out call. An in call is where you come and visit me. And outcall is where I come and see you either in your home or hotel. If I visit you in your home, you will receive a phone call from me before I leave to reconfirm location and time. Please answer the phone! Otherwise I will not leave to attend your location (another safety measure).

If It’s an in call, you will receive an sms from me close to the booking time with the exact address.

Once we finally meet, it’s likely ill give you a massive cuddle (with permission)! I’m genuinely as excited as you. We will have to get the unsexy transactional stuff out the way first. And it usually goes in this order.

- Confirming the service you would like and duration, paying the balance up front (no I do not accept payment at the end of the booking).

- A health check (very important). I will get on my knees and do a visual inspection of your junk, mouth and hands. I’m not a doctor of course but I’ll be looking for any obvious signs of things I don’t want anywhere near my body. Once that’s all over and your junk is looking healthy.

- I will ask you to have a shower…. I’ll ask if you want me to join you, or if you would like to go alone. Sometimes when it’s your first time, people like to do this alone to regroup. Or sharing a shower is something that helps them relax. Who doesn’t love soapy boobies?

At some stage during those first few minutes it’s likely I’ve asked you what your favourite music is, I do this for a couple of reasons….. music is an amazing way to connect, and feeling into what you like helps me get into your groove. It’s also a great way to help people relax. I’ve been writing a blog about this too which I will publish soon.

Once the shower is over, if I’ve joined you, we will dry ourselves off and start having some FUN!

You will find the way I work is playful, humorous and sensual. Fun and laughter is very important to me during intimacy. (yes I’m writing about that too) I’ll have our pre discussed expectations in the back of my mind but we will be explorative and passionate! During the sexy part of our time together please always ask as many questions as you need, if you need to be reassured about anything. Or if you want to explore something new. My service usually includes most things I feel comfortable with. I call it Girlfriend Experience with a twist. Check out my website for more information on that.

We will weave our way through some delicious connected sex and I will be tuning into the pace and intensity you are hoping for. Mutual consent plays a big role here.

I’ll always be checking in with you and asking if you would like to do certain things, and always check in with me too. It doesn’t have to be mechanical. I might breathe on your ear or nipple and say “can I nibble you here”. That’s me seeking consent from you. It doesn't have to be awkward.

I’ve usually told you before the booking starts how you can explore my body and what gets me excited.

But if the mood strikes you while were playing to try something different, just ask. And I will let you know if you can, and if there is any different fee’s involved. I call those “extra’s”.

We will have a whole lot of fun during our time together. And as the booking draws to a close, I will ask you if you would like to finish your time with me or extend it.

Now its super important that you let me know as soon as you can if you want to extend the booking. As I often have someone looking after my bookings for me while i'm present with you and that person may have no idea you want to extend your time and they could be organise another booking for me afterward.

So if your feeling like staying longer because the vibes are flowing, let me know so I can make sure no other bookings get locked in. You will have to pay for the extended time before it happens, so make sure your finances are in order.

Some banks have transfer limits and if you haven’t brought cash, or your bank blocks your transaction our time might have to end if the extension can't be paid.

During the booking you can also expect me to use protection. For me that is not negotiable, condoms are a must! You might not of used them for years! And it might be a little bit of a buzz fizzer initially but don’t worry! It’s only a little bit of latex and it doesn’t change the sexual experience. People sometimes get in their heads about it, which can affect their ‘performance’. But try and allow yourself to ignore it’s even there. You have a delicious human eager to please you and be pleased.... and it's just a little bit of latex!

So, we're nearing the end of our booking, the organic flowy yummy sexual connection does have to end at some point unfortunately.

Although I am not a clock watcher, you will hear an alarm go off on my phone. Yes it can be an unsexy reminder that you have booked a sex worker and the time is up for now. It might be the only time you ever visit one, depending on your personal circumstances.Or our time together might just be the beginning of a wonderful sexual journey you are about to embark on, either with me or many of the other amazing escorts we have in Australia (or the world!) Each one of us offering something new and invigorating to your life! Either way, I will be bringing you back into your body by gently letting you know our time is up for now.

I'll be stroking your body, reflecting on something delicious about our time together and then offering you a shower as you get ready to leave. Please note, during this time I can join you for a shower, it's a nice way to regroup together. But it is also a time where I need to be having a quick tidy up of our space, especially if I am visiting you. I like to take a "leave no trace" perspective as best as I can. Although i'm sure the memories of our time together will linger.

At this stage, I always welcome any feedback. Usually there is non straight away, but you are always able to send me a message as things come up for you after our time together. I may not be able to engage in alot of back and forth messages, but sometimes new sexual experiences, evoke emotions and feelings for people and I believe it is important to listen to those things that come up, especially as you may not have someone else you can talk to about it.

Until next time! Victoria Rose

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